P.Shaw. Burnage, Manchester
I took the full three part training course with "D.I.T.C" and have been working for "Apollo Driving Tuition" as a fully qualified A.D.I. [car] for over 12 months. I had the benefit of one to one tuition, which is something I feel has really helped me to settle into my new career. I would certainly advise any person who is considering becoming a driving instructor to contact the company.

Rodney Burns. Didsbury, Manchester
I came to driving instructing late in my career and found the friendly and relaxed tuition from "Driving Instructor Training Courses" ideal. In addition, I now work with "Apollo" as a fully qualified instructor and find there day to day support very professional.

Heather Cook. Warrington, Cheshire
I took the full instructor training course with "D.I.T.C" and passed all my exams. I really enjoyed the course and was given continual support. Members of the staff were second to none. I have now set up my own school and Iím looking forward to having a successful business

Chris Mellor. CJM S.O.M, Cheshire
My A.D.I training with "D.I.T.C" was thorough, professional and importantly, one to one where you pay for your training not someone elseís. Donít be fooled, its not easy after all that training to become a professional and achieve that infamous green badge. Its important you select a training establishment that cares and will support you to the end of your training. My impression is the company is one of professionalism, dedication and value for money. As a result of all these factors I now operate my own driving school in Handforth and am very proud of that fact.

Ian Mellor, Glossop, Derbyshire
I have used this same professional company as my bother, who trained with "D.I.T.C". He now runs his own successful driving school. I can thoroughly recommend the training as enjoyable, professional and extremely worthwhile.

Most driving instructors work an average of 40 hours per week, however because the majority of driving instructors are self employed, the final decision on how many hours you work is entirely up to you. The demand for driving lessons is such that you may decide to take advantage of the demand and work lots of hours for several months; you could then reduce your workload for a while to have some free time with your family. The demand is always there and many of your pupils will be flexible, due to shift work and college timetables.

The following figures are an example of potential earnings, but are not a guarantee of what all instructors earn; each instructor will have different needs.

40 hours @ £25 =£1,000 per week
Less average expenses:
Diesel:     £55 p/w
Approx Car running cost:  £80.00 p/w
Average earnings:       £865 PER WEEK

This could be is if you supplied your own car and worked solely for yourself. We know many instructors who can achieve this. Plus they have a waiting list and can increase their profit by doing extra lessons.

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