Among the millions of UK drivers, most of whom regularly drive the same route without mishap, it's easy to imagine we're safe and can get away with bad habits. But complacency is the worst driving habit of all. If you take road safety seriously, read on.
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Most driving instructors work an average of 40 hours per week, however because the majority of driving instructors are self employed, the final decision on how many hours you work is entirely up to you. The demand for driving lessons is such that you may decide to take advantage of the demand and work lots of hours for several months; you could then reduce your workload for a while to have some free time with your family. The demand is always there and many of your pupils will be flexible, due to shift work and college timetables.

The following figures are an example of potential earnings, but are not a guarantee of what all instructors earn; each instructor will have different needs.

40 hours @ £17.95 (average price of
lessons) =    £718
Less average expenses: Diesel     £35
Car and Franchise fee               
Average earnings:       
£478.82   PER WEEK
If you supplied your own car and worked solely for yourself then your earnings would be approx 600 per week. If you wished to work more hours in overtime then your profit would increase significantly. For example, another 10 hours would increase it to 779.00 per week.

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